Monday, 17 March 2014

We're in The Sunday Times!

Happy Monday!

We had the absolute best weekend - from Lesbian Prom, to our anniversary celebration in London (5 years!), to being in the newspaper, it's just been incredible. We'll tell you about our weekend shortly, but for now, some big news....

A few friends and followers were probably very surprised when they opened up their Sunday Times yesterday and saw our faces!

As you all know, we are getting married in June, in Laura's home state. Well, unfortunately gay marriage is not yet legal in the great state of Idaho, so we will need to make our union legal here in the UK. We thought that if we have to have a ceremony here, we might as well be a part of history - and we managed to snag one of the last spots to get legally married in London on the 29th March 2014, or the day gay marriage becomes legal in the UK.

We'd planned on keeping our legal ceremony quiet, so as to not confuse people, or have them thinking we are having two 'weddings', but as it has gotten closer we've been contacted for a few interviews, and the true magnitude of the day, for us, and for all lgbt people in the UK, is dawning upon us. When we were asked to do the Times interview, we thought, well then it probably won't be a secret anymore, but how could we pass up having a memento from such a historic day like an article in the paper?

So, we are embracing it, as it is our reality. Idaho, a place we cherish enough to want to marry there despite it being behind times, will be where we hold our wedding - just not the legal ceremony. One day Idaho will catch up to the UK, and to other states of the USA but as it hasn't, we get the opportunity to legally commit ourselves to one another on the very first day that any same sex couples in the UK can, and be a part of that history. It's crazy to think about - currently, we, as a gay couple couldn't get married here. In less than two weeks, that will all change. We will get to wait and throw confetti to the gay couple who become married after us - and we will get to have a lovely dinner together, excited for our real wedding in June, the one we've been planning for over a year now, the one our family and friends have been amazing enough to come to, to help out at, to celebrate with us, the one we've dreamed about since we were little girls.

So without further ado, here's the little article we are pictured in, with our BFFs Ellen and Portia, celebrating the increase in profit for the wedding industry that will come with same sex weddings.

Exciting stuff!


  1. That's so awesome!!! Congrats ladies :) You both are going to look so breathtaking in your dresses!

  2. Love it and love that you are being part of history! Something to tell your children about one day! Love youz! Mum xxx

  3. This is wonderful, I am so happy for you two... yay :)

  4. Hi, guys. Randomly found this blog while doing some research for my job, and your posts are so inspiring. It's lovely to read about two people so in love and especially with the upcoming changes to the law in the UK. Best of luck for the 29th, Susan x

  5. So pleased for you both. In a completely random turn of affairs I may well only be one state over from you girls on your wedding day - if so, I'll definitely be raising a toast to you both!


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