What We Love Wednesdays!!

Welcome to our What We Love Wednesdays!! segment. This is the place where we share with you all of the wonderful things, people, and places in our lives that we think you would LOVE too!!

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WWLW - Whole Foods - Is choice a good thing or bad?!

WWLW - First Lady Michelle Obama - who doesn't?!

WWLW - All Time Fav Movies - we tried to compile one list but just couldn't so you got both of ours!

WWLW - The Big Easy! - All the amazing taste of American in a crabshack in Chelsea - perfect!!

WWLW - Summer Lovin' - How much can you love sun?!

WW(D)LW - What we DON'T love Wednesdays - mixing it up this week!

WWLW - Baths vs Showers  - What's your preference?

WWLW - Stonewall - 'some people are gay, get over it!' - that's right a charity in the UK that likes to shout about it's opinion, that we happen to agree with and support!

WWLW - Guest Post: Martha & Ladies in Rock! - Our favourite little rock star (and workmate), Martha Mayhem, kindly agreed to give us a break from our usual cheesy pop-filled playlists, and replace it with some edge! Check it out!!

WLLW - Being a 'Foodie'! - Sometimes trying new things is more a challenge than you think!

WWLW - Make Kony Famous - Someone who should be made famous, but not for the reason you think!

WWLW - Tattoos - Ours and other peoples!

WWLW - Valentine's Day - A look back at our V-Day celebrations!

WWLW - Chav Night, Innit! - Everyone's got an inner-chave, right?

WWLW - Powerful Women - The ladies we admire!

WWLW - Jumping - Because sometimes you have to!

WWLW- FCKH8 - Bad language for a good cause!

WWLW- How I Met Your Mother! - This show is Legen-----wait for it---dary!

 WWLW- Moonpig - for the love of cards!

WWLW - dancing - get your groove on!!!!


WWLW - We love Potatoes!!
It's true Mr. Potatohead we do!

WWLW - We love Brittana from Glee!!!
Is it love???

Heck yes we do!


WWLW - We love DIET COKE!!
Look - we got a reply from Diet Coke USA - THE COMPANY!! Highlight of doing this blog so far!

WWLW - We love NANDOS!!

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